Robin Clarke Windsor Chairs & Furniture

Children's Chairs


Robin has been making these beautiful, handmade children’s chairs for many years. Each one is made to last, shaped from tough English ash, to withstand years of play and use.


Robin is a skilled craftsman, with many grandchildren himself, and has designed the chairs to be stable and well balanced.


He steam bends the back and turns the legs. The 16 back spokes are tapered using his old hand plane. The seat is shaped by hand with approximately 12 inches between the front spokes, making the chair suitable for children up to 7-8 years old.


To personalise the chair he carves the name of the child, making sure he spells it correctly!

Finally the chair is painstakingly polished to bring out the beauty of the wood.


The chairs always become a proud possession to such an extent he is often asked to make chairs for each of the children or grandchildren in the family.


These chairs are the perfect gift for proud parents, grandparents, godparents and friends to give, knowing that they will be loved and treasured down the generations.


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